Speak Out! November is Bladder Health Month.

November is Bladder Health Month. Though you may feel ashamed or embarrassed to talk about your symptoms, bladder issues are very common and too important to ignore. Bladder conditions can be detrimental to your quality of life. They are not just another part of aging. Take back your life, seek treatment for your overactive bladder or pelvic floor disorder.

What are the symptoms of a bladder condition?

  • Leaking or having accidents (urinary incontinence)

  • Having a sudden need to urinate (urgency)

  • Getting up to go at night (nocturia)

  • Needing to go many times throughout the day (urinary frequency)

These symptoms are widespread and can lead to reduced physical activity, isolation, depression, falls, and nursing home admissions. A national focus on bladder health can help end the stigma and dismissal of this condition, in hopes that this will encourage women suffering from bladder problems to seek treatment.

What you need to know about Bladder Conditions:

  • Bladder incontinence and other symptoms are not an inevitable part of aging.

  • Bladder conditions can sometimes be treated even without medication or surgery.

  • You may have increased urine frequency with no bladder issues. The more fluids you drink, the more frequently you will have to urinate.

  • Your bladder is affected by your diet. Spicy or acidic foods can make your symptoms worse.

  • The bladder can affect the function of the uterus and bowel.

If you believe that you are experiencing bladder problems, please talk to your healthcare provider. A urogynecologist, or subspecialist in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery (FPMRS), has the training necessary to administer appropriate treatment and to improve an OAB patient’s quality of life.

Dr. R. Keith Huffaker is the area’s only fellowship-trained physician in the practice of FPMRS in the northeast Tennessee region. Dr. Huffaker is opening up a whole new range of treatment options for women with pelvic disorders.

Call 423-439-7246 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Huffaker.

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