New Patient Q&A

Q. Should I arrive before my appointment time in order to take care of billing paperwork?

A. Typically, it is helpful to arrive 15 minutes ahead of your first appointment time to do paperwork.


Q. What personal information should I bring with me?

A. Please bring:

  • insurance information

  • any prescriptions that you are currently taking

  • all of your insurance cards**


**You might have private health insurance and Medicare. If you have more than one type of insurance, knowing which health insurance is your “primary insurance,” the insurance the doctor’s office bills first, is important. Be sure and bring all of your insurance cards with you to the appointment


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Financial Q&A

Q. Why doesn't my health insurance pay for everything?

A. It's important to understand the benefits of your health insurance plan. Most insurance plans have some out-of-pocket costs (such as co-pays and deductibles) due from patients.


Q. My out-of-pocket expense is sometimes higher than I expect it to be. Why?

A. Some health plans have changed the way they process benefits and designate a larger portion of the bill as the patient’s responsibility. It is recommended that you contact the benefits office for your health plan and ask the following questions:

#1 – What is my share if I receive care at this office?

#2 – What is my share for labs or x-rays in this office setting?

#3 – If the provider requests a referral to a specialist, what are the procedures? What is my portion for a referred visit?

Q. Does Quillen ETSU Physicians accept my insurance plan?

A. Although Quillen ETSU Physicians is contracted with most major health insurance plans, it’s best to check with your benefits office.


Q. If I do not have any insurance coverage and must pay the total bill myself, am I eligible for a discount?

A. Quillen ETSU Physicians does offer a self-pay discount if no third party coverage is available

Q. If I am unable to pay my bill in one payment, can I make monthly payments?

A. Yes, Quillen ETSU Physicians will make payment arrangements with no monthly interest.

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